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Unhappy Re: Camper battery modification wiring questions.

Originally Posted by siggyfreud View Post
Keep in mind charging length will also be a factor of your alternator output, and how much charge your battery can take in its various stages of charge. Are you looking at AGM or LiPo for the aux?

If you have a quality travel fridge and a 100 amp hour lithium you can run the fridge 3-4 days on a full charge. We just ordered a single 200 amp hour for the sprinter my gf is building.
Iím planning on getting a AGM battery. The fridge I will be using is tiny. I just want to keep a few things cold during the night or when Iím parked. I will probably end up doing the gam battery with the isolator setup that was mentioned above. Should I upgrade to a 100amp alternator to help this battery charge faster?
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