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Re: Grizz's Redneck Express 1966 Chevy Short Fleetside BILLYBOB

Went through all the paperwork in the substantial file the truck has generated over the last 9 years since it came into the UK.

About 5000 spent on it by various owners shows that this hobby is not too cheap.

It also tells me why the truck feels as good as it does mechanically.

Cosmetically it will get sorted over time as finances allow, as the purchase price took the whole budget, but the truck needs no work right now, except for the headlights which refused to work the day after its MOT roadworthyness test. Typical of these old cars.

I found a copy of the original California title.

Also made sure I got the trucks security sorted.

When I bought the truck it was obvious that there is no spare wheel.
So the stud pattern is 6 x 140 pcd, so that should be the same as most Japanese 6 stud rims.
Next job is to find a spare to throw in the back for long trips.

So today I did a few things after I got in from work.
I had some spare keys cut, as I only got one set..... typically one works, and one does not.

Then I went down to the garage and got the truck outside, to clean the bed and prep it for paint.
It will stay like this until I can afford to change it all to a wood strip and steel bed.

One of the things I noted when I bought the truck was that whoever did some of the mods in the past, had a very heavy hand.
Some Auto Meter gauges have been fitted, two into the original instrument pod, possibly cutting the holes with C4 plastique explosive or a hammer and chisel. The bottom has also been covered with a piece of ally that seems to be glued on there with super glue.

Loads of cracks in the plastic everywhere you look. Another replacement later type job.

The modern Radio/CD player seems to have been fitted by a mad Badger with a meat cleaver.
Note the edges...... WHY, Why Why can people not do stuff right or just leave it alone if they have no bloody clue?

Then after vacuum cleaning the inside, I turned my attention to the load body.
Plywood, sealed on both sides is better than nothing, but one day when I have some spare cash I will replace the bed with strips and either stainless, painted or chromed strips.

I spend about 90 minutes with a sharp scribe, hacksaw blade and the short end of my garage vacuum cleaner and a brush cleaning it up.
There is also a very nice rubber bedliner which I have removed till I have painted the bed and it has dried.

Last pic is a shot of the old inboard fuel tank behind the seat....... cut open and painted to make some neat packing and storage space. Maybe I will also carpet it, or remove it at some point, for now it is perfect.

Parked up outside the garage, a nice view that makes my heart smile.

Possibly my favourite photo of the truck so far, sent to me by Rob, the previous owner.

MY BUILD LINK:]Redneck Express - 1966 C10 Short Fleetside
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