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Re: 89 k5 jimmy

Good work, that drivetrain was ready for some attention. I've actually opted out on having front posi on four by fours before. There are certain times, depending on what you do, where if you're on an icy road with any sort of a crown, when you start up with all four you can just start sliding laterally toward the ditch. Even in second gear with light throttle. I've had that happen and it's really unnerving. In that case, it's nice to just have 3 out of 4 tires turning and slowly work your way back to where you want to be. Anyway, very sorry about your dog. Easy to tell that he was a dependable companion, just by the picture. Don't know the circumstances, but I agree with Irish from the point of view it would hard to feel like those dogs shouldn't be put down for a savage act like that. Hopefully you and the neighbor can come to some different sort of agreement and some type of boundary. I assume a new dog is in the works, because that's part of the reason you got this truck. Good luck man.
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