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Unhappy Re: Randy500

Interesting, not sure how I missed this thread after so many months. But very early on my membership here I bought a tilt shorten column from him. It arrived pretty quick and was boxed very well. It would have had to fallen out of an airplane to get busted up (I do exaggerate a bit). Nothing screamed at me that it was poorly put together or packed.

After installing it a few months later, the only problem I had with it was in one direction a turn signal would not cancel. I do remember asking him what could be the problem and how to "adjust or fix it". I did not get anything helpful at all from him. He did reply to my PMs but no real help was provided. It was like "why are you bothering me?" I eventually got it working after taking the wheel off and watching what the mechanism was doing (or actually not doing) and adjusting it and was happy to move on.

Now fast forward to today, I now have a new problem: when I am braking (brake on) and I turn on the right turn signal my fuse blows that drives the Brake/Running/Dash/Dome lights. The worst part, I am not sure how long I been driving with no brake lights (I hardly drive at night).

So I try to see if Randy500 can help me at all but he is banned.... I feel a bit lost now.

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