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Re: Heard some bad things about CPP.

To everyone,

I have done nothing to the stock rear end except removal of the factory drums and replaced the shocks. I am restoring this truck to just be a cruiser. No drag racing, no autocross and I do not need race stuff. Just wanting to upgrade to better brakes. I do not think I need baer/wilwood stuff. After reading ya'lls replies I decided to get a rear disc brake kit from Summit (CPP) for the free shipping and the easy returns mentioned. Not the big brake kit either just 11 inch rotors. I hope it will perform to meet my needs. If this kit works will I plan on getting the one for the front with the new master and booster. Also replacing all the brake lines also. I do plan on dropping about 3 or 4 inches in rear....2.5 in the front with drop spindles.

If anyone has bought the CPP front disc brake kit and what luck you had with it and if I need to look out for something any help would be appreciated.

As a side note.....I have a lot of drum brake parts (new) I would like to sell for a good price.

Thank you,
Mike M
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