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Vintage Air Rocks!

So my truck is in the shop getting exhaust and having my vintage air charged. I got a call from the shop Friday at about 1PM saying my new condenser is leaking. It is new, but also 3 years old..since I just got around to installing it but have had it since May of 2017. I called the place I bought it from and they said I had to go through Vintage Air, they could do nothing for me. So I called Vintage Air not really thinking I could get it replaced under warranty. I had to leave a message. Shane from VA called me back within 30 minutes and I told him the situation...and said it is out of warranty by a few months. Shane said, thats OK, we are going to take care of you! He found my original order and asked where I wanted it sent...About an hour later I received an email with shipping notification...and today I received it! I could not believe I got it so fast. They are in TX and I am in GA. Any build I do in the future will have Vintage Air in it...their customer service was above anything I expected! Thanks again Shane and Vintage Air!
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