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tired of brake fluid dripping while doing brake work?

I found this in one of my trade magazines & it works like a charm.
when replacing anything hydraulic in the brake system you inadvertantly have brake fluid running out the open lines & sometimes have to go through a long tedious process of bleeding the system.
first thing to do is disconnect the brake light switch. then use whatever means you can come up with to push the brake pedal about 1 inch. (I have a brake pedal depressor made from a caulking gun and 1/4" bar stock) a broom stick against the seat back would work. you only need to move the pedal 1 inch. this will close off the ports between the resivior & the pistons preventing the fluid from flowing. then continue with your repairs. finish up with removing the pedal pusher, re-connecting the stop light switch and a simple gravity bleed will finish it up most of the time.
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