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Re: i've finally started

well the body guy come and looked it the trucks today to give me my options and they weren't pretty. the cab on the other truck is pretty much trash mine has had half ass work done to it (panels were screwed and pop riveted in place.) he said i would be better to buy a new bed kit as the my bed is nothing but bondo and fiberglass. and the other bed has a huge hole in the floor he said by the time i pay labor to fix the whole i could have got the new bed. he also said i would need doors., i am so lost now because i dont have the kinda of money for all that looked up the parts and i would be looking at 3700 dollar for new doors rockers and corners and a bed kit, window reg rubbers, cab supports and floor pans and misc parts plus about 3-4 k in labor so i am stalled for now
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