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1972 Chevy p/u NewType Build

I've been following on this site forever looking at all the other builds and I've got far enough with my truck that I've finally decided to post up my own build finally. Other than taking it to the local transmission guy I've wrenched on this truck entirely on my own with my fathers aide as well as a few friends helping here and there throughout since my junior year of high school when my father bought it for me. Yes I've gotten into wrecks with it one being an older Toyota 4x4 (my buddies truck) using my front clip as a launch ramp and the other being the wheel separated from the truck on my way to a show. Even with all the downward spirals on this truck throughout our time building it to what it is now I still take the utmost pride in my first and only truck named Tweety for her yellow but renamed as project NewType for her current phase. But here is what I have so far I'm looking for any kind of criticism on it I don't mind truly and frankly it helps a TON but here is my story step by step enjoy youre reading and tell me what ya'll think. She's a daily driven showtruck and I always make sure to keep her on the road I'm not one to build a vehicle to just hide in a garage so yes there are some hokey things that probably ding this truck as a showtruck but she is what she is NewType was built for myself and my father and for others to enjoy or keep on walking either way this is my pride and joy for years to come.

Here's the full album for the truck that I am always adding to so please check it out whenever you can

Project NewType 1972 Chevy C/10 Cheyenne Super ( Daily Driven Showtruck )
Project Great Grandpa's Legacy 1973 Chevy C/10 Cheyenne ( Current daily driver collecting big time parts )

- Dylan

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