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Re: Hotrodelrods 54 build


Nice looking shop you have there! Not positive which crossmember you are referring to. Be a good idea to leave crossmembers in until you start getting the rear suspension sorted out. Will help keep the frame rails in position. The one above the rear axle would be in about the right position for shock mounting.

Of course you will want to repair the rusted out section of the frame that was behind the leaf spring mount first. I see you were able to remove the rivets! Kinda tedious work.

Regarding the rear suspension....what are your goals for ride height? You can build a nicely low truck with parallel leaf springs and they are easier to install than one of the four link set ups.

The cab is easy to remove...basically four mounting points...if you have something to help lift it with...cherry picker, lift, some good friends.

Have fun with the build!
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