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Re: 76 Caliper Rebuild

After I cleaned up the caliper and piston I started the assembly proccess. If there are any scores, lines or pits on the piston do not reuse it. I used some 1200 grit sandpaper to polish the piston. It looked pretty good. I cleaned the caliper body and had to scrape a deposit out. I used a scotch brite pad to clean the inside bore of the caliper, mainly to remove any stains. I then used some fresh brake fluid on the new square cut oring and installed it into the caliper. I lubed the piston with brake fluid as well and pressed it into the caliper, before the piston was all the way down into the bore I installed the dust seal. Now that it done I can paint it and install it. Feel free to add to ask questions or crticizes. I just thought I would post this simple process, I noticed when doing a search that some guys were a little hesitant to rebuild a caliper. Hope this helps.

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