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Re: Disc brake with factory steel wheels?

If you read the comments below the wheels - one buyer said they would not clear a disk brake conversion on a 67 C10. Of course he didn't state why or whether he had stock-size calipers or any details that would actually prove helpful, but it's worth digging into.
Although it'd be a pain, it might be worth buying ONE and seeing if it fits - if it does, order the others - if not, then you only have one to ship back. Unfortunately, you never really know for certain if it's going to fit until you bolt it on. Would be good to know if anyone on here has bought this exact wheel and what calipers it did or didn't clear. ChevyFleetside is correct - can't look at the pic, have to go with the description. It would certainly seem to me that they would fit, but seems odd that the comments indicate they didn't clear calipers right off the bat. Interesting that one of the stock photos they show are a 3-nub type... Not sure why they would ever reproduce a 3-nub wheel (if they are indeed designed to clear disks on the inside) since the 4 nub hold a cap on more securely.
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