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Re: Restoring OEM Seatbelts

Originally Posted by hatzie View Post
Mahogany dash, armrests, carpet, and belts are the right color to go with the light sandy beige seats, trim plastics, door cards, and headliner.
Red and dark green over Frost White or Ivory 2nd color exterior with that interior combo turns out looking really nice.
Ivory, White, and root beer brown metallic works with that interior but dark green/white or dark green/ivory or red/white or red/ivory 2 tone metal and tan/brown interior really pops.
Black and Gray are the only other colors that go well with red sheet metal and those are pretty common.
Thatís good to know. I did do a set of Mahogany belts for a board member. He wanted Dark Saddle belts, for his Saddle interior. But of course thereís no such thing as Dark Saddle seatbelts. I wasnít sure if they would look good or not, but he seems happy with them. I always wondered how Mahogany would look in a tan truck. Because Mahogany is a brown. At least a lot of people call them Brown.
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