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Re: Brothers Truck Parts

First time posting.
Yeah I also have had problems with Brother's. I bought applicable CCP control arms and swaybar from them. Control arms were great other than forgetting to send included ball joints. They took care of that right away no hassle. "But" when I received the sway bar. I could tell there might be a problem. But didnt know for sure untill I did the install. I sent email to Josh. I felt I was treated as an incompetent mechanic. He sent me a video to install a sway bar. Which wasnt even close to the product they sell, as far as the sway bar.
Well on the install. Well.... was quick to see I was right! To short. Promptly called Brothers to return and inform them of the're product complications with the CCp control arms. They checked my item for comparability. It eas right, as far as the're part numbers were concerned. Was going to get me a UPS lable for return. Well its been 5 emails 6 phone calls I still have this useless part to me. They still have my money. Josh and others have been no help. Pluss im out my they charged me selling me incompatible part. I will never buy from them again. Pluss I called CCP sent me the right sway bar right away. Cheaper and faster. I dont know why I didnt orde streight from them in the first place.

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