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Re: RnD Fabrication- Manufacuring Error/Warranty Problems/Dirty Dealing

Vendors need to realize that the products they sell are most of the time not immediately installed on the vehicle. An obvious manufacturing mistake should have been corrected immediately by returning the radiator for a replacement that was correct. A lot of vendors have pictures of products that are not exactly what you are buying. They should explain what they are selling and not mislead the buyer. If you say it should fit a certain vehicle and it doesn't, the vendor should make it right. A friend of mine bought a major manufacturers radiator and it came bent. The top tank was crooked from the bottom tank. They sent a new radiator and told my friend to keep the bent one. My friends and I in our club went through hurricane Katrina and we had a vendor say they would rebuild a steering column free of charge and they sent a new one instead. We did have one vendor tell us they couldn't rebuild their own column and to buy a new one, no discount or anything. (Flaming River) Just research who you are dealing with. Big companies have a better relationship with their customers and usually no problems. Sorry for the long post, but this topic hit a sore spot.
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