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Classic Parts of America

Back in June I ordered a new fuel gauge sending unit from Classic Parts of America.. I replaced part of the fuel lines, cleaned the tank and installed the new sending unit. I put only a couple gallons of gas in order to run the engine and look for fuel leaks, not enough gas to register on the fuel gauge. Work on the truck progressed slowly as I began having medical issues.. Fast forward to last week when I was able to get back out in the shop.. I put in 8 more gallons of gas and the fuel gauge remained on empty.. Testing indicated a bad sending unit.. I removed the sending unit and found the float had split along the soldered seam, filled with gas and sunk.. I contacted Classic Parts and explained the problem.. They replaced the float, shipping it immediately via USPS priority Mail.. Two days after the phone call to them I had a new float in my hands..

Kudos to Classic Parts of America for their excellent customer service..
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