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Summit Racing

My old '96 Tahoe is having some Fuel-related issues, So, I decided to replace the Fuel Injectors. The best price I could find was from Summitt Their listed price was $264. The average price (on the net was @ $500. Ordered the part (OEM AC/Delco.) which is a re-packaged Delphi on December 9th from Summit. This is the same Spider Injector unit that is on just about every Chevy/GMC, etc. V-8 vehicle from the early '90s up till the 2000's. I would say that probably there are currently millions of vehicles on the road that use this part. It was "Backordered" and would not ship until January 31. OK, not convenient, but I understand, and for their advertised price, I was willing to wait. So, I called them last Thursday (Jan 9) to ask what the deal was. I was told that there were some availability issues and the part would still ship Jan 31. So, I was resigned to waiting till the 31st. THE NEXT DAY, I got an email stating that the Manufacturer would not be providing this part anymore and that I would be getting my payment refunded. BUT, THEY ARE STILL LISTING THE SAME PART ON THEIR WEBSITE! But, the price has been removed. Now, MAYBE they are being truthful. But, suspicious old me thinks otherwise. Ordered a new one from Amazon. Not as good of a price but acceptable. Should get it by Friday. I just thought that I should let others know about my experience if they are thinking of using Summit. Personally, I will never use Summit Racing for anything, ever again.
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