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Re: MANES Truck Parts Review

Originally Posted by conoco View Post
So I just happened to fined MANES Truck Parts website and I have been wondering where it has been all my life. I have to use multiple vendors because some either don't ship to Alaska or the price is ridiculous! Because FEDEX doesn't come to Alaska EVER LOL. I digress,

I just order some stuff from MANES, the rockers that I needed they had and shipping was pretty damn good. I do however wish they posted what gauge thickness the floor extensions are. They have a lot of awesome parts that I need right now. I was just curious if anyone has used this vendor. They seem squared away. I was looking at brothers just out of curiosity and came to the realization that I would rather spend 300 dollars more in shipping than purchase anything from them. ( There reviews are horrendous) anyway anyone have some input? Thanks everyone.

Early on in my truck building career (so to speak) I bought a lot of parts from them. They were right on my way when I went to Texas and I would always stop and pick up the stuff on my way home. Family operation, great people and almost always had what I needed. Then they moved East off of the beaten path and I quit going there. The first time I couldn't find them and it kind of turned me off.

I then found a small parts dealer fairly close to me and started buying parts from him.

I don't think you can go wrong with Manes....


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