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Re: custom subwoofer boxes

Originally Posted by beatcoaster View Post
fastom, i plan on doing something resembling your setup once i move my tank, i bet with those rear components it really helps out the soundstage. Having no rear fill sucks...nice work!

Here's mine. I really like 8's in this small cab because they don't rattle it apart, just produce nice full bass from the music. I have 2 polk 8's along with polk 5.25 components in the dash and polk 6x9's in the doors, powered by a kenwood head unit(5.25's crossed at 100hz) and mb quart dsc480(6x9's full range and 8's crossed at 100hz). It was a damn tight fit under the seat but i can't imagine needing anymore bump or spl for my 34year old ears...until i move my gas tank and rebuild it with 2 more 8's and a bigger box where the current tank is!

trying 2 box designs

settled on this one, as my 250lb butt still never touched it during excursion even with the old seat springs

wouldn't even know there was a badass setup in here, until your butt starts vibrating and your ears bleed...

whats the dimensions on them sub boxes you have i think i have
sum in the garage... And did u fab them or buy them???
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