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Re: Dye-ing seats

^ SEM makes the best product for home use, ie, aerosol cans- no spray equipment required.
As long as your prep is done right, it will last for quite a long time. make sure you get the sem vinyl cleaner/prep, and something like bulldog flex adhesion spray. If you ask them at your supply house they should have everything you need.
I've done a number of cars with SEM dyes, they give a great result for the price.
in the upholstery shop, we had a bench seat that we did in thirds for demo, the left seat was untouched, the center bump was dyed, but not properly prepped, and the right seat was thoroughly prepped.
Some people thought the center was dyed and the right was re-sewn with new vinyl. Those people would be surprised when we told them, nah just prepped right before it was dyed. you could scratch it with your nail, the center section would scrape up, the right side wouldn't.... SEM rules...
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