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Working Man's Burbon

I bought this Suburban because I needed to haul sheet goods (plywood and such) and my S10 Blazer wasn't cutting it when it rained. Which in my part of Oregon is fairly frequent. It fit my prerequisites: pre 1975 no DEQ, Presentable from the outside, interior must not be too nice (I don't want to send all my time worrying about when I was going to screw it up.), reliable enough to be a daily driver. After several months I settled on this one.
The pros: starts and stops well, has been converted to disc brakes, every thing is there except the windshield washer tank. Low amount of rust for the price, I like the wheels.
The con's: Leaks inside (PO said it didn't) has a 305 (PO said it was a 350), PURPLE, (PO painted it), terrible exhaust system (looks as if it came off the PO's Chevelle racecar. Short Flow Masters 90ed down in front of the swing arm cross member. IT IS LOUD! I'm good with loud if it's fast. This not. Plus they torched the frame to get the headers to fit.). Window felts and rear gate seals are all shot. When your coasting it sounds like riding in the dump box of a gravel truck. The handling is terrible. It has front and rear air bags tee-ed to single valves. Had a 1980\90's? Covette steering column with the key knocked out so the wheel would move in and out 3 to 4 inches. The dash has been hacked for a DIN radio, &$%#%%$ kids!!
After some looking and parking in the rain we have determined that drip rail seal has failed (after only 49 YEARS). So one thing lead to another and now I'm deep into Project Waterproof. Ah yes, waterproofing, something people with lesser cars, in brighter places never think about.
At this point I must confess that this is the first time I have ever shared a project with the world. I humbly beg for your patience and forgiveness as this is a new trick for an old dog.
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Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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