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Re: Working Man's Burbon

As you can see now I've got in the steering wheel and column replaced. I scored the wheel off Craigs list. This lady liked the shape of it, had it hand painted and it had been hanging on the wall of her art gallery for the last 30 plus years since. Perfect condition GMC! Score 40 bucks. I got the column without the upper bearing, but a good signal switch from a nice guy in Vancouver. New bearing and slid it in and then the trouble started. The shifter was very stiff so out it came. It took me 5 hours to beat it back into submission. The slide bearing on the lower end had rusted badly underneath and caused the bearing to swell and with no clearance it couldn't move. It's like butter now. Plus the wheel doesn't move in and out. Man talk about disconcerting. I never realized how often I pull on the wheel.
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Thanks to Bob and Jeanie and everyone else at Superior Performance for all their great help.
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