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Re: New Shop for Scott

Update - 1st estimate is in for the shop. Note the pic is just a stock garage shot, not exactly like I hope mine will be but pretty directional.

Actually, the same guy gave me a ballpark estimate before which was ~$30/sq ft for a pole barn 30x50x12 so roughly $45k which is starting to be more interesting...

Estimate is for 30x50x12, 2x6 walls, trussed ceiling, two 16x8 insulated garage doors, one 8x8 insulated rollup door, one man door, and four windows, hardy-plank siding plus a short rock facing along the front to match the house, house matching trim and roofing (fiberglass shingles), poured concrete foundation and floor with heat pipes. Site is pretty flat so dirt work is minor.

This is a lot more than I was thinking, esp since the extras will add $20k plus. I know it's a heated, 1500 sq ft building a lot like a house but ~$100k for a big garage is a giant budget hit. Does this seem right or is it far off?
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