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Lightbulb GMT400 CK Service Manual Project

Over the years I have collected a bunch of GM service literature.
Links to PDF Scans of service and STG manuals and a links to the Parts manuals. You'll need the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader to open these files. Get it directly from Adobe here {}
If you're not interested in Adobe products there are several lightweight alternatives. List_of_PDF_software
TechRepublic Review of five-lightweight-and-free-pdf-viewers/ an important fact they left out is... Foxit is Ad supported so factor that in.

Please Save these files on your local machine. Do not open in your web browser. The Mediafire PDF reader is not compatible with the Searchable PDF document type. The OCR text is visible along with the page image in the same space.

If you're good at loosing files Google "Void Tools Everything" and download direct from the developer. I've used this file search tool for years. It will find any misplaced file...

It looks like Mediafire has begun compressing PDF files as .gz GZIP archives. You can un-compress it with a universal file archive tool.
I use 7-ZIP because it opens darn near all archive formats, it's lightweight & fast, it's free, and so far it comes with no spyware or adware.

These scans make a nice electronically searchable reference. But. I highly recommend buying used or even new paper copies. There's nothing like holding the book in your hands...

1988-2000 GMT400 CK Light Truck Service, "Unit Repair" or Overhaul, Wiring Manuals ETC.

GM STG (Service Training Group) Textbooks and References

Axles & Steering
Cruise Control Systems
Fuel Systems
Transmission / Transfer Case

Before you download these manuals. You will need more than a passing acquaintance with electronics repair and a bench of electronics tools. This does not mean a 40W Radio shack soldering iron and a precision screwdriver set.
You will likely need at a minimum a good Benchtop DC power supply capable of at least 24v and 3A, VTVOM, Analog Volt Ohm Meter, Digital Volt Ohm Meter, Precision Temp Controlled Solder Station, and various hand tools... You may need a good Oscilloscope, frequency counter, and Audio signal generator.
If you think I'm trying to scare you... I am.
If you don't have all or most of the above tooling, lots of patience, and a fair amount of experience with electronics and your tools (you didn't just buy em)... farm it out to one of the many competent radio guys. You'll be many dollars, a bunch of frustration, and lots of time ahead.
I have been searching for these as a complete un-butchered GM Radio manuals for a very long time. Be aware that most "complete radio manuals" on Fleabay are not anything of the sort. The Manual Mafia separate these into the internal chapters, label the chapters as a complete manual for whatever radio is on the first page, and sell them one chapter at a time for $30-$50 a chapter. They are cutting a rare reference book into chapters and spreading them to the four winds.

Useful Docs and Spreadsheets
What follows is an Excel 97 spreadsheet I put together several years ago to calculate the Speedo gears and engine RPM at various highway speeds. I was doing a "What-If" on transmissions, tires, and axle gear-sets and wanted to get transmission/transfer-case speedo gears as close to correct as possible. My 76 reads 1-2mph higher than actual speed. If my speedo reads 35 the local police dept's "Your speed is this" sign will read 33 or 34.

For Speedo gears you only need to edit the Tire Size & Axle ratio. The speedo gear table will automagically calculate the ideal Driven and Drive gears.
You then get to find which ones you can actually buy. You can edit the ratio adapter section to get you closer... If the gears you can actually buy are not close enough.

For the RPM tables you'll need to edit the transmission and Transfer case gear ratios as well. There are tables of ratios found in common trannys and transfer cases in the RH pane.
The Free Apache Open Office Suite and Free Libre Office Suite "Calc" Spreadsheet applet in 4.x and newer versions. Libre Office and Open Office 4.x & 5.x will open and edit spreadsheets in Excel 97(XLS) & 2007 and newer (XLSX) formats but the formatting is better in their native ODS version. I lean toward Libre Office because the dev cycle for bugfixes and new features is shorter. Google Docs should open either the ods or xls file on the web as well.
.XLS files sometimes have visual formatting issues in Libre Office and .ODS files have formatting issues in some versions of Excel. They will both open in either office package but I included both for more appealing visual layout in the office package of your chioce.

There are no Macros or VB Scripts. It's just a spreadsheet with some fairly complex formulas and color formatting.
MAC OSX and Windows Operating Systems since Windows XP have been able to open ZIP files without extra software if the functionality is not disabled by system policies. If you want a Free Open Source Archive tool get the 7-Zip tool 7-ZIP is a GUI under windows but not under Linux as of this writing. If you don't like using 7-Zip from the command line in Linux there's a GUI called PeaZip
Have a good one.
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RTFM... GM Parts Books, GM Schematics, GM service manuals, and GM training materials...Please include at least the year and model in your threads. It'll be easier to answer your questions.
And please let us know if and how your repairs were successful.

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