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Re: 1966 Chevy C-10 New project-need help

Helllllllll yeahhhhh guyssssss I'm on cloud nine. I thought my truck ran well before. I rebuilt the whole carb myself honestly wasn't too hard for a first timer. I used some youtube guide, wd-40, carb cleaner, pressure cleaner, wires to clean holes, new rebuild kit, and bam my truck sounds so much better now. The carb rebuild helped all the engine shake that I thought was natural for that truck. It also sounds great now. Smooth. It idle's pretty well now. Some questions I have.

1) When setting the gas/accelerating rods back onto the carb- I feel like my truck may be idling a little high. but it sounds great. probably just too high rpm's. Which rod should i fix. I consider them as three. One on the bottom, which is connected to the rod above, as well as a third on top.I also don't know what the top cable does. It's a drivers side black wire that screws into the little golden box. Its the one with a spring on top that is bolted into the corner of the carb. So just trying to figure out what that does so I can properly fix my idle.

2) I also noticed the two little screws in the front ( the only two screws with springs and pointed tips) of my carb to change the sound of the engine a little bit. I guess they determine how much fuel is going into the carb? How tight should they be? they are about halfway from fully tight and halfway from fully loose right now..

3) As for the fuel filter I'll post a picture of what it looks like. Thanks for the replies but I'm still clueless as to where it is installed.

Thanks so much guys! I'm having a blast fixing up the Ole Chevy C-10!


First pic is the rebuild!
Second Pic is the mystery Fuel Filter (that I don't know where to install).
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