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Re: 1947 Chevy Truck, Engine Needs Help, Advice?

Valve cover gaskets are no big deal to change ,usually a 15-20 minute job depending on ease of access... rear main..whole other thing. To change it would mean pulling the engine, oil pan and loosening the crank shaft to replace..I did one in a 72 4x4 blazer I had once without pulling the engine but I wouldn't recommend it. Thats probably not a option on your truck anyway. Once again how bad its leaking will tell the story. Clean it up ,drive it ,keep an eye on your oil level, and get a second opinion..they are right though if the rear mains leaking bad enough for an engine pull , I would have a compression check done..if you have to pull the engine just to replace a rear main it would only make sense to rebuild while you had it out...if it needs you know if your engine has the older version 2 piece rear main or the newer one piece?
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