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Re: 1972 307 cam selection... HELP!

Originally Posted by 68Stepbed View Post
Also note that the 307 block can be safely bored +.125 over. That's a 327!
Are you sure about that? It assumes 327 or 350 blocks were used for the 307. Or that 307 blocks had thicker cylinder walls than all other blocks.

At I found 8 casting numbers for 307 blocks. But not a single one of them is used for 327 or 350.

I guess a 307 block with zero core shift could take a +.125 bore, but who knows how much flex there might be in the cylinder walls?

I'd do a max overbore of .060" on a 307, just like I did with the 283 back in the day to get 292 cubes. That was back when the 301 was popular, but a machinist convinced me to stick with +.060". I doubt the power difference between 292 and 301 was even measurable. And heck, a 292 would probably last longer than a 301 with thin cylinder walls.
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