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For patina ,Orig paint, straight, no rust, longbed bedsides and tailgate

I'm offering right and left original paint baby blue patina bedside very straight no rust and have tilgate tailgate has been repainted once but bedside's original paint for sale as I'm going to paint the truck was going to go a different way but since I'm painting id rather just use new bedsides these are original paint that someone could use to keep theirs original Let me know asking 1600 or best offer for all 3 pieces, willing to trade for new bedsides and cash for tailgate. Not selling seperate but if two guys need 1 side each then ok. Can work out something
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'yeah I just had it painted' me: " dam man that thing looks like a side of beef" or "dam bro looks like a sack of walnuts" or the ever so smart ass: " well at least it's a friendly color, it waves as you drive by" first Boss's famous words "I dont know anyone who can see both sides at the same time" Just my 2 event's, tho nobody Carr's, sincerely AssHoleExtraordinaire.....
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