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Re: HG's Bigass Farm Truck

Haven't figured out the problem with the transmission yet. I bought a new OBD2 code reader and took a drive with it hooked up. I monitored the temperature and once it hit 80c it kicked it into safe mode without OD. The temperature kept climbing up to high 90s. I stopped for a few minutes and the temp was still in the 90s but it went back to normal operation. I checked the pan temp and it was much lower than indicated so that is one problem. I'm trying to understand why it went into safe mode and then back without a lower temperature.

It will also swing really bad between 2nd and 3rd at minimal throttle. No idea what's happening there. And the shift into OD is really hard when I do have it.

A used transmission with issues? No way! I can try to fix it myself. The common issue is solenoids, harness, etc. Which you can buy a kit to do. Or with a new valve body, which includes the solenoids and would make sure the TCC valve is also good and only about another $50. Plus the new temperature sensor. And I should add an external tranny cooler.

Or take it to a tranny shop and have it checked out. Since it seems to work pretty well mechanically I'm thinking about just changing the temperature sensor and filter. Eliminate the known problem, do basic maintenance, then see what happens. And check what's in the pan, if anything.
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