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Two failed brake boosters, can you recomend a third?

Like the title says, my truck has already had two brake boosters and it's only left the driveway once.

My question is: Can anyone please recommend a quality replacement booster? I only need the booster, the master cylinder is brand new. My truck has factory HD brakes with the dual diaphragm booster.

I've been looking at this one:
Anyone used it?
I'm hoping to order a booster by the end of today. Its going to set me back days just getting one to me.

Story: When I bought my truck the brake booster was shot, so I bought a new one from my local auto parts store. I installed it and the booster was giving me problems. Exchanged it for free (lifetime warranty) and installed the second one last month. Yesterday I try to move the truck, and the brake pedal goes to the floor, and does other things. Gets stuck at the bottom, had zero resistance on the booster push-rod (could push the pedal to the floor and pull it back up with one finger. Then was perfectly normal again minutes later.
Definitely not safe!! Was going to take my second test drive when this happened. This isn't a hydraulic problem, it's definitely the booster. Two bad boosters in a row. I'm definitely not using this booster again, and the worst part is that I can't return it, only warranty it! I'm not rolling the dice a third time. So I'm out about $100. Really sucks.

Avoid at all costs: a1-cardone 50-1008
Ive been using cardone brake parts for years and never had a problem. First time I've used one of there boosters and don't recommend it.

As always, thanks!

Keep on truckin'
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