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Re: 6 cyl 230 engine runs well & 100% complete

Originally Posted by CousinTone View Post
No bites on listed wife. So lowering to $499 obo....
hey tone would you be interested in a deal on your 292 if i could offer you a sbc 350ci and th350 trans and a complete 78 chevy van in pretty sure the 5 lug crossmember are the same and you have a complete motor,trans ,front 5 lug disc and rear end swap. I bought a 66 burb from this guy who lives way up a dirt road in middle of nowhere but he threw in the van for motor and trans but I've had tons of craps happen lately and his place isn't ideal to pull motor from van or the preferred unbolt crossmember ,trans mounts and lift van up. he says it was a running van till about year and half ago when someone stole the drive shaft I've got a shaft off of a 72 c10 parts truck I had. I don't have room to do that level of swap and park van while I guy it. plus old man has a 67 caddy 4 door by and he's letting me take it for a $1000 so since I want to surprise wife with that I can't deal with the van stuff but he needs it gone and I already paid him in full for burb and I've got AAA PREMIERE membership with 200 mile tows and 100 mile tows so if your willing to give up the 292 and trans you can take whole van and ill have it dropped off at your place? lmk
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