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Re: 1969 Aristocrat Lo Liner

Originally Posted by RustyBucket View Post
I'd missed your recent post about the Lo Liner, glad to see the update. Surely hope your health has improved. I have some nice memories about a similar trailer. My folks bought a used Lo Liner around '73 or so & camped in it a LOT. My Dad & I also used it for a hunt camp some. When my Wife & I got married in '76 we took the lil' trailer on our honeymoon. Someplace we have a picture of our year old '75 dark green short Chevy van w/a bright yellow canoe on the roof of the van pulling the Lo Liner. When our daughter was about 2yrs she bonked her forehead on the trim piece across the back bunk... still has a little scar at 43. My Dad always teasingly called it the Lo Lifer. When he retired in '77 he & my Mom took off camping in it & went out west.. Texas, Arizona, Mexico, gone for 2 mos.. I think he finally had to do some frame repair from rust damage. We got a lot of use and had a lot of fun with it. My Dad bought & restored a '64 Airstream and gave the ol' Lo Liner to one of my cousins. It was destroyed on I-95 in a rainy day accident... no injuries.

My folks are gone, the kids are grown & we've got a 18' converted cargo trailer we use for camping mainly in the infield at the races, Daytona/Atlanta/Sebring.
I miss camping. Hoping to buy a truck camper within the year.
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