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I finally got to this project. It's all complete now and a special thanks to Solver for the how-to.
I found some burlap at wallyworld. I spray glued that to the back of both foam inserts. The seat cushions were pretty well worn. I had some 1/4" foam laying about. I had one 6" long split in the seat bottom. I rolled some of the 1/4" foam into a glue-soaked tube and stuffed it into the crack. The crack was in a large wear indentation. I cut 1/4" foam to fit these larger wear spots and spray glued it in. I then used some 1"x24"x96" (wallyworld) foam glued over the top of that. The 1" foam formed pretty well over the rounded areas on the front and side. A heat gun helped nurse it into shape. I just directed the heat on the outside of the bends. I used various objects to hold the foam in place while the glue set. Was kinda scared of fire. The glue stated it was highly flammable. Kept a fire extinguisher nearby.

I used new wire instead of the old ones. They were rusted pretty good so I thought it was a good idea. The bailing wire came from a carboard box crusher. It was heavy gauge stuff and not the safety-wire thin stuff I remember my grand-pa calling bailing wire. As Solver noted, keeping the foam in place while fitting the cover was a pain. Just keep on stuffing, making sure the foam is all the way at the top of the seat cover.

Had a broken seat track and broken side bolster springs too. I had another set of tracks. I blasted em in my blast cabinet primed and painted em 3 times ala flat black spray bomb. The bailing wire worked good for the seat adjuster also. For the springs, I lucked out and road-found a late 70's middle bench out of a blazer/burb. I took the side springs I needed from it, cut a link out and they fit perfectly! I have pics if they didn't get deleted by accident. (Edit: They did. Sorry.)

I have these pics for now. Gonna post some more of the broken side bolster springs later. Some of you may remember my youngest daughter, Rebecca. The boys name is John. He goes to school with my oldest daughter, Elise. John, had a real blast helping with this project. I turned him loose on the mig when we were done. ...Can't get rid of him now!
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