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Seat Belts....Make The Old Look New Again

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About a month ago, I bought a set of stock seat belts from Craigslist. They came out of a 69' Chevy Truck and were really in need of reconditioning. Luckily, the retractor boots were in great shape as were the buckle covers, GM push buttons and chrome ends. I had heard so many good things about RIT Fabric Dye, I thought I'd give it a try. Because the belts were originally parchment in color and stained pretty bad, I used 2 packs of RIT Dye and then followed the rest of the manufacturers directions. For the plastic pieces, I used Rustolem Paint for Plastic. Pictured are before and afters.



69' SWB Step Side 1/2 Ton w/68' Front Clip
Swap from Leafs to Trailing Arms (Complete)
Swap 6 Lug to 5 Lug (w/ Disk Brakes in Front)
3/6 Drop

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