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Originally Posted by PanelDeland View Post
The trick to PS on a 6 cyl is to get matching everything. The brackets are only one part of the equation. I "Think" there's only one set-up for the 292 but there are at least 3 for the 250 and some of them use different pulleys depending on what the brackets were originally in. I got a complete set off of a Nova and made sure to get pulleys, brackets and even the old belts so everything would match. If you have to piece it together, matching the pulleys will be a nightmare. So make sure you get everything, pulleys, brackets and if possible hoses and belts. It's a long wait to get something from the US over there and if you get it and it doesn't fit..... you're waiting again.
I'm using every channel (including Santa) to get the right parts, haha. Hopefully
it arrives with the right ones. And I have to tell you that we have very good
mechanics over here. Mechanics that love this vintage cars and trucks. But I will definitely take your advice in mind. Thanks
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