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Re: Sub box behind seat - available space?

You did not say, but if you are keeping the in cab fuel tank, you are not fitting that deep basket sub in the truck.
The truck tank is about 9" deep at the bottom, and gets to about 5" at top. (off the top of my head, measure yours )
With seat all the way back, the seat bottom is maybe 3" from tank, top of seat is 1" (again ball park)
remember that the JL sub vents the voice coil motor in the magnet /speaker back. So you need a little space between the box back and the back of sub.
6 deep sub +1/4" for the motor vent, and then the box wood thickness x2(front panel and rear) So for example. 3/4" mdf x2 is 1.5"
7" (sub)+ mdf x2 1.5" you are at ,at least 8.5" + the subs mounting flange and air space for cone movement.
Totally forget it if keeping the in cab fuel tank.
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