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Re: Sub box behind seat - available space?

An other option for you as you are using a bench seat.
Is build a box that goes under the seat and put 2 shallow subs in it, one on each side, with a divider in the middle of the box.
subs firing down at floor, and 3 sides of box 1" taller than the front of the box(sides and back )
This way when you put the box in, and subs are pointing toward the floor, The longer sides and back, hold the subs off the floor, and the front of the box (facing the foot wells) has a 1" tall, full length of the box slot for the sound to come out of.
Think of it this way,( as I doubt what I typed above makes any sense without a photo.)
You build the box to fit under seat with say, 4'x14"x4.5" . Then you screw/glue 1"x1" stock on the box face (panel the sub(s) are mounted to, bottom, and sides.
now the box goes under seat subs facing down, and because 3 sides have that 1"x1" the 4th side is a nice long slot for the sound waves to exit from.
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