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my stock seats, I have several, used a small clip to fasten the bottom on. A pinch clip kind of device that held the fabric on metal parts, Hog rings are a simple yet effective wire type fastener. you can buy them at upholstery supply shops ( or even some sewing centres have them, I'd check the yellow pages, and make a few calls) they take a special plyer type tool to squeeze them on. Not sure what you got, but many aftermarket seat upholstery is more or less like a glorified seat cover. When installing them you want them tight enough so when they stretch a bit, they won't look loose,, but not so tight as to strain & tear seams or fastening points on the seat part (The more fasteners, the less strain on each point). Some backs simply slide over. if you can, look at an old stock seat ( or remove your own, if you don't have a spare). Once you see how they did it at the factory you can compare your covers and see if it's a basic remove & replace. If it is maybe you can remove your old fasteners and re-use them. Just remember work from the centre to the edges, or you'll have a wrinkly mess.. Hope this is helping you. If I can figure out the wife's new digital cam, and how to post pics I'll show some pictures.
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