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Re: 1968 C20 Build

Attentive users of this site will have already noticed my posted questions about rims and tires (great discussion, hope to select and buy some soon) as well as the bizarre prop shaft park ebrake setup I have (crickets: no one has a clue about it despite 20 years of discussion and a million posts) on this truck.

Overall, it really is an odd combo for some Canadian farmer 50 years ago to select. I mean this place is still pretty rustic in terms of roads and such; and in 1968 it was prehistoric. First of all, 90% of the old trucks up here are GMCs. I understand - apocryphally - that is because leaf springs were standard on GMC but optional on Chevs. All the trucks up here had oil baths due to the gravel and grain, and none had any options worth mentioning.

But this one is a little different, which is why I fell for it, kinda. It has coil springs, which might not be a novelty to the rest of you: but I have never ever seen such a thing on a three quarter ton in my life. No leafs, just massive coils. I seldom see coils on a half ton let alone a three quarter ton. And someone at some point POR 15'd the frame and suspension so it looks nice and black and proper.

Another thing it has is the Custom Chrome option, as well as some nice period correct cab lights. The seat was in surprisingly good shape due to an early-added cover. The lichen growing on the hood was patina x10. I reluctantly removed the sapling growing from the cowl as a precaution.

But the more I looked at this thing the more I thought maybe I could build it into something that could pull the trailer I hauled it out on. I just loved that beautiful Chevy front end - I love 67-68 grills - and despite that delicate design it had that beefy C20 suspension that meant business and it maybe had a 292 and a 4 speed and no one I know has one like this and I have to get it on the road and here we are.
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