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Re: Heard some bad things about CPP.

I had a few of their Chinese products on a 55 Chevy car. I'd say 50% of them were OK, the others acceptable to poor. Ball joints that came with their upper control arms had cracked dust boots. They did send me another pair, but I ended up using Moog ball joints. The control arms themselves were nice, except they just barely mated with the rubber snubbers on the frame.

The car also had one of their 500-series steering boxes. It worked fairly well, but the optional aluminum cover that came separately had the world's softest chrome bolts. Made me wonder what the steering box internals were like. Had I kept the car, I would have replaced it with one from Borgeson.

On another note, I second the Grump. Rear drums work great on these trucks, and unless you use a high quality disc kit from a vendor like Wilwood, I doubt you'd feel any improvement over drums. My 69 has 5-on-5 axles with Wagner shoes and the heavier 71-72 finned drums, so they can handle more abuse than the 69's non-finned drums. Not that I ever really need that!
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