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Re: Lmc front 67 grill trim is terrible! Anyone else have this issue?

I fought the tail light trim like you are, they are similar so I am posting what worked for me.
On my first try I pushed too hard and damaged the aluminum bezel. However, after purchasing a replacement bezel I managed to get it to work. First, can you go up a 1/64 on drill size of the holes? Something to consider but may not be mandatory. They be sure the holes are debured on both sides. Typical takes a deburing tool like the one in the picture. Then paint the bare metal if you have any. I used a pliers to collapse the clip as much as I could and retain some shape. Then brush on a little grease on the clips. This worked for me. The reproduction clips are crap in my opinion but it's what we have to work with.
Best of luck.
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