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Re: Post Your Craigslist Finds Part 2

Originally Posted by HO455 View Post
68 K2500 V8 4 speed $5000. This one looks like it might be real nice. Tough for me to be sure since it's not mine.

1968 GMC 4x4 2500.

This truck was originally a 4 speed with a V6. The motor has been updated to a V8, I am guessing a 350. A lot of paperwork and service slips have are in hand. I am listing this for a friend. It was her husband's truck and he passed away. It was last licensed in 2018 and I believe it would run with a new battery and some fuel. The truck is pretty straight other than a few things.

The good:

Body and bed are very straight other than a couple spots (see bad list)
Excellent interior and newer/updated cloth seats
Updated V8 motor (I don't know the details)
Good tires
Very straight bed and tailgate
Very little rust other than rocket panels

The bad:
Some rust in the rocker panels
Damaged rear quarter panels (behind rear wheels)
Needs new wood bed kit
Have not tried to get it running.

$5,000 OBO
That one has exceptional potential. If I wasn’t house hunting I’d be all over that. Someone grab it!
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