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Re: Sub box behind seat - available space?

This setup takes commitment. You have to love high-end audio as much as you love the truck. That said, my 85 K20 is a restomod built to my liking. It's not a numbers matching truck and I'll never sell it.

Single cabs are limited in space, no way around it. Here's where the "blow-thru" design comes in. The sub box is mounted in the bed. You cut out the hole in the cab/bed and seal it with accordion boot. Now you can have all the bass/spl you want.

I've got a 12 inch sub, two Memphis amps (1050 watts rms), capacitor, audio control pre-amp, CD player and 8 component speakers in the doors/dash.

Ya, its pretty impressive. The clarity, power and ground shaking bass will rattle your teeth. I love it, wouldn't have it any other way.
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