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Re: Sub box behind seat - available space?

Originally Posted by ItWillBeSlow View Post
FirstC10 and 1971Stepside - I have a question for you guys, and anyone else with a similar box.

How did you build your floor for the box? Is it a piece of MDF resting on the rear "ridge" with some feet under it to support at the back? I have aftermarket cab mounts and an extra nut (original nutserts are stripped), so my cab bolts/nut extend above this ridge. This means I may need to raise my floor about 1" to clear the nut. I could double the bottom plate and cut a hole in the bottom one to clear, but wanted to see what you guys have done.

Regarding the clearance for the OE bench I started this thread for, it seems the back of the bench is basically a straight line from the rear seat bolt hole to the rear of the cab where the seat touches. I should have plenty of space with this sub (JL 10 TW1). I'm planning to offset it to the passenger side and use the driver side for storage.. i think.

Pictures probably do more justice than my descriptions! The level is roughly the back of the seat.
Hey iwbs! I got my cab bolted down and then I cut the remaining thread off. I did use MDF as a filler to get it above the gas tank valley and above the captured nut. You would just have to go a little higher/thicker. But I donít see a problem with either set up! My seats were custom so I put my seats in and drew a line and thatís what I used as the thickness. That thickness is what I based what speaker I was going to use. Then I made up the correct air space by how wide I made the box.

1971step I like the red

Sunsoaked I remember committed to stereos..... back in the mini truck days cutting the back of the cab and front of the bed and putting a box for 4-12Ē. 15Ē etc. lol Looks cool and I bet it sounds good.
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