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BorgWarner 3 spd trans

I've got a bird Warner 3-speed trans came out of 69 to 72 Chevy truck my friend gave it to me when I sold him a frame in a front clip for a red truck he had that got wrecked. Was told it shifted smooth and ran good don't know for sure but this guy if he tells you something it's usually golden he builds Motors runs in machine shop. asking $140 obo here is list of parts I'll take for partial trade or working a deal need heater core box diverter for 66 truck with air conditioning and Heat it's the kind of wedge-shaped piece that goes right below the actual lid can post pictures later it has extra flap that goes into firewall. Long bed Fleetside Deluxe side trim I need both pieces passenger side bed really need the thicker of the two and also need driver side cab Corner trim the thinner lower one
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