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Disc Brakes- 8.5" 10 bolt axle (70-81 Camaro or 98-04 S10-Blazer )

To discuss this topic go here- LINK

I went to my local LKQ and picked up the parts I needed from a 98 - 04 S10 Blazer.
Below is a complete list of the parts you will need to do the conversion. Some parts you may already have but if not, its listed. Hope its helpful.

A comprehensive list of what needs to be done to go from factory rear drum on a
70-81 Camaro to 98-04 S10-Blazer rear disc.

Parts you will need:

1 - Driver side 4WD backing plate, e-brake assembly (GM PN-15064302)
1 - Passenger side 2WD backing plate, e-brake assembly (GM PN-15773309)
8 - 3/8 bolts, lock washers and nuts to mount backing plate to rear housing
3/8 washers to shim the backing plate for perfect fitment of the caliper to rotor
(2 each bolt in my case)
2 - Driver side 4WD caliper, or passenger side 2WD caliper, mix & match
(Loaded kit w/ brackets & pads Cardone PN-164712) (Loaded kit w/ brackets &
pads NAPA PN-TS 1422228)
2 - Caliper brackets - if needed
1 - Brake pad set - if needed (HAWK HB119F-594)
4 - caliper bracket bolts (GM PN-15726460)
2 - banjo bolts (GM PN-10286122)
2 - 2WD Blazer rotors (NAPA 4886725) (Powerslot 8638PSL & 8638PSR)
1 - Master cylinder (80 disc/disc T/A, 79 disc/disc Vette, 70 manual disc/disc
Vette all work)
2 - Brake hoses (you can use stock Blazer hoses or any braided stainless ones with
a 10mm banjo fitting)
1 - Prop valve (stock 80 T/A works, I used a Summit adjustable)
New style brake cable (I used the Blazer cables, but Lokar universal would be
less work)
Brake fluid, gear oil, axle seals
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