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Next, I unravelled my wires all the way back to the firewall because I planned on running a new wire to the HEI distributor from the firewall/fusebox. I only have four wires running to my engine, so this is was easy. I have non-factory wiring, so mine is in good shape. The purple and white wires went to the starter, the temp sensor is green and the oil sensor is blue.

I took a multimeter to the white wire that was going from the firewall to the starter and found it had ignition power (it was "hot while running"; had power with key on, but no power when key was off).

Now you need to run a new ignition wire - something heavier. Jump to post #19 below for pictures on how to do this properly.

Don't skimp on your wire - use something 12-14 gauge. Be sure the wire is oil and gas resistant. It should say on the casing.
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