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Re: Suburban exhaust system upgrade

Originally Posted by 76Blue_Beast View Post
Hey there, hope you you had a good holiday.

I am currently running Headman headers the ceramic ones on my 350 tbi (91 suburban last of the squares) and have custom 3 in I believe dual pipe no cats all the way back to a pair of Mach1 mufflers. Has a great clean tone. And is great when you step on it. Sounds throaty and mean but clean. Sounds great steady unique deepish tone when cruzin on the hwy but can be reasonable when blending in passing cops lol.
I hope you had a good holiday as well, thanks. Could you possibly post pictures of your setup on here or PM them to me? What did it cost you to change it out, if you don't mind me asking? I appreciate the reply. I wanted to have something that sounded decent, but was also hidden at the same time.
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