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Pole Frame Garage

This garage is long overdue, but it is finally on its way. I really liked the steel frame that Jimmy built, but I wasn't confident enough that I had the time or the patience to construct it. This will be a 40x60x12.5 and the plan is to have it spray foam insulated. These pictures are from Day 1 (except the excavating, that was July). The boys saw them pulling in and begged me to let them stay home from school and watch. I figured they might learn some worthwhile skills by watching the Amish, rather than sitting in class wearing a face mask with a plexiglass cage around their desk and playing by themselves at recess. That's just me venting a little, i know teachers are important people in children's lives. It's the current conditions we are living in that frustrate me. Enough of that, on to the pictures. You can't see much from the side view, i just added that since the sunset was nice tonight. Crazy weather here in PA. Usually at this time I'm doing all i can to not turn the heat on until November 1st, but yesterday i put the AC on - 80 degrees and humid like it's August. Oh, and the kids also found the missing guinea - she came back with 15 keats.

Jimmy's Garage Link -
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