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Re: Pole Frame Garage

Originally Posted by Rickysnickers View Post
Curious, it looks like you live in the country. Am I right to assume you have a septic system? If so, how difficult was it for the contractor to tap into it? If you don't have a septic system then disregard this question. Thanks.
I did the plumbing with some help of a buddy. I have a sand mound that is gravity fed from the opposite side of my house. I could not gravity feed from the garage to the house to tie into the system so i had to install a sewage ejector pump. This is the garbage can looking thing that is buried. It has a 4" inlet in the side of it, which is underground. The toilet and all drains tie into this. Once the tank fills and operates the float, the pump turns on and pumps into where i will tie it into my house system and then it will gravity drain like the house is designed. This is an ejector pump, not a grinder pump. it is important to use the correct one. If you have a city sewer, then a grinder pump is fine. If you have a sandmound, you want to use the ejector pump. The grinder pump will basically puree the waste before pumping it. Then your holding tanks that separate your solids and liquid will not be able to hold what used to be solid and you will pass on the solids to your sand, ruining the bed in time. With all that being said, it wasn't hard. I have a 1 1/4" pvc pipe that i am going to pull a 1/2" pex line in for the water supply and a 2” return waste line.
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